20 Video Content Types To Include In Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Written by Karlyne Zovitsky

YouTube is the internet’s second largest search engine. The magnitude of that number allows for the platform to speak for itself and the power of a successful YouTube Marketing Strategy for your business.

Content Types to include in your YouTube Marketing Strategy

What content should your YouTube Marketing Strategy contain in the whirlwind of viral videos with 400 hours’ worth of videos uploaded every minute? If you want to leverage the power of the world’s second largest search engine and grow your YouTube channel in 2018, read on. Here are 25 video types you should be using on your YouTube channel.

Content Types to include in your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Content Type 1: ‘How to’ Videos

Nowadays, if anyone wants to know how to do something, the first thing they are most likely to do, is to check if there is a YouTube video of what they are looking for. ‘How to’ videos are only gaining popularity, and because YouTube is optimised for mobile devices – ‘How to’ videos are perfect for audiences who need tips and guidelines asap. These types of videos allow you to engage with your audience on a more personal level, yet still, communicate information that they need.

YouTube Video Statistics

Tips for creating ‘how to’ videos:

  • Engaging Intros
    Approximately 20% of people who view your video will leave after the first 10 seconds. This means introductions are crucial. Make them count and ensure that they keep the attention of your audience.
  • High quality videos
    With more than half of YouTubes views coming from mobile devices, it’s crucial to upload videos that are high resolution, yet still optimised for easy mobile viewing.
  • Keep it short
    According to 2017 Statistics, 56% of all videos published in 2017 are less than 2 minutes long. Your audience wants information, and they don’t want to sit through your version of a feature film to get it.
  • Make them valuable
    Be sure to share information in your field of expertise, so your audience feel like your business is a valuable part of their daily lives.

Content Type 2: Interviews

There are many types of interviews that a brand can use as part of its video promotional material. From building thought leadership to getting to know the people in your company – interviews are personal and engaging. For thought leadership, try inviting an industry expert for a filmed discussion about the future market. For a more personal approach, employees can be interviewed to show a little behind the scenes footage of what it’s like at your company. Fans could even be interviewed answering questions about why they love your brand. One of the best things about interviews is that the content is real and unforced – making the viewer feel that it’s genuine and can be trusted. Creating interview videos can boost your company’s credibility in an industry or add personality to your brand.

youtube marketing strategy

Content Type 3: Vlogs

People love stories; it’s that simple. Why do ramblings about someone’s favourite food, or brand or a day in the life of videos get so many views? Because they’re unscripted and real. In a world where social media is dominating, everyone tries to put their best lives online. With Vlogs, it’s more natural. Vlogs are as diverse as videos come. They give fans an insight into the lives of personal heroes, loved brands and so forth. The communities these vlogs create have the ability to strengthen understanding and relationships, while also giving the audience rare and true insights.

The beauty of vlogging and ‘vloggers’ is that most influential vloggers never intended for their vlogs to turn into a career. It was merely a creative outlet or hobby. This is what is making them gain popularity – the sheer honesty behind most of it.

Viewers relate to Vloggers as they too started out just like them and started climbing the ladder of success.

By including vlog-style videos into your YouTube Marketing Strategy, you allow that same feeling of relatability to resonate with your viewers and your brand.

Rest assured, you don’t need to commit to daily vlogs as a company but including videos like ‘a day in the life of’ may boost your brand credibility loyalty and customer relationships.

Content Type 4: Hauls

youtube marketing strategy

Haul videos are hugely successful on YouTube and are closely related to product reviews. Influencers simply present their latest purchases and explain a bit more about each item to their audience. Top YouTuber’s can really drive product sales when showing their latest goods and can actually offer an incredible promotion for shops. Not only do Hauls offer insight into influencers cupboard, but they also give inspiration for new seasons and can even work as gift guides showing the latest products. Usually, Hauls take place within the beauty, fashion and lifestyle channels.

Content Type 5: Testimonials

Testimonials fall under the four most common videos on YouTube in 2017.

Back to stories, Testimonials are ways where your clients can see stories that relate back to them and their lives. People want other people to tell them that your product works.

  • Testimonial improve brand credibility
  • Adds authentic insights
  • Improves brand relatability

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Content Type 6: Latest News/Tech

Latest News and Tech videos stand out from the rest of the YouTube content as Tech videos don’t delve into the personal lives of the creators. They offer one thing: Facts.

Tech videos cover areas like unboxing videos or product reviews. These types of videos need creators who have an eye for detail and are extremely clued up in the field of technology, being able to provide information that is relevant, factual and insightful.

YouTube Latest News

Tech videos also give recommendations and access to new products to clients. Subscribers to these sorts of YouTube channels, often receive information on products before the general public.

Content Type 7: Time-lapse Videos

YouTube Timelapse Video

Time-lapse videos are a great and effective content type to include in your YouTube Marketing Strategy. Time-Lapse videos include the effectiveness of speed and creativity into one. Like putting all the good stuff into fast forward, time-lapse videos allow viewers to get quick summaries of important events.

Time-Lapse videos are an incredible way to put the focus back on the smaller details of life that people usually miss or can’t see with the naked eye and the footage improves your chance to keep up with the short-attention-span of viewers.

By capturing something beautiful to look at it, you give your video the chance to go viral.

Ultimately, you want your time-lapse video to enhance your brand voice and boost your YouTube Marketing Strategy.

Ways to include time-lapse video in your YouTube Marketing Strategy: 

  • Capture rebranding
  • Insights and BTS
  • Time-Lapse can be manipulated to match the time of your narration
  • Easily shared on social media platforms due to a short length (if it is)
  • Event set-ups

Content Type 8: Lifestyle

youtube marketing strategy

Anything from cooking or recipes to fashion or beauty. This type of content acts as entertainment. People are scrolling or looking for something to watch. Lifestyle has been one of the most popular styles of videos, with people eagerly waiting until YouTube channels upload new videos containing not only the interests of watchers but more importantly the interests of the creators. Viewers want to know what recipes to make, what clothes to wear, daily routines and everything else that could possibly fall into the space of an average person and celebrity’s day.

The effect of Lifestyle videos is exactly that. You are selling a lifestyle, not a product. People purchase products to fit in with a certain type of lifestyle that they are going for. Or to fit in with their current lifestyle.

Lifestyle videos include:

  • Cooking
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Health and Fitness
  • Music/Dance
  • Sports
  • Tech
  • Travel

Content Type 9: Product Reviews

YouTube Product Reviews

Product reviews have set up the rise of a whole new form of influencers, where it isn’t even really about the product anymore, but about the person who is reviewing it. People engage in these types of video content styles because the people reviewing have trusted voices and massively influence the general opinion about a certain product.

Now, how can this benefit my brand? Many businesses partner up with these types of influencers by sending them complimentary products and packages to review on their YouTube channel. This could either be sponsored content or not.

  • The clear trend to go to the internet for guidelines on whether or not to purchase a product
  • Polls have regularly shown that people are more likely to purchase if the product has received a positive review online.

 Product review videos are also a great way to keep your brand promise and show your viewers that the benefits you keep talking about aren’t just a clever marketing tactic, but real. Product review videos are great for building

youtube marketing strategy

According to Blue Corona and their video marketing statistics, almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to the product or service before visiting a store.

This means that your product review video will be the first impression of your company to a substantial number of viewers.

Content Type 10: Events

Live streaming from your event and uploading it to YouTube is an effective way to build anticipation before an event and boost brand awareness in your YouTube Marketing Strategy.

Include teaser videos before product launches or after-movies to keep riding the after-event wave.

Event videos can range from a design indaba to alcohol brands at festivals and are great ways to keep the excitement of an event going.

YouTube Event Videos

Content Type 11: Humour

YouTube Humour

Humour is one of the strongest drivers behind whether or not a video will go viral or not. Humour, however, is subjective and personal – and anyone who has found themselves lost in the cycle of never-ending YouTube videos would vouch for the fact that there is probably a YouTube video that caters for every single style of humour. That’s the beauty of the platform – you can create content you want – and there’s bound to be somebody out there who will find the content funny as well because of the enormous reach and visibility that the social platform offers. As a business, however, you don’t just want to make a funny video that will be chuckled at by only the minority of people on the web and your CEO. So, how do you create a video that is both funny and effective – as comedy videos are among the most shared videos on Facebook and other social media platforms?

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, some YouTube comedy channels generate audiences greater than network comedy television shows.

Content Type 12: Product Collections

YouTube Product Collection

This type of content revolves around people making videos of collections of items they own. Great! But where’s the marketing catch? Collection videos aren’t just popular because of their aesthetic value but also provide valuable insights on the variety and range of your products.

Collection videos also allow you to group certain services and products. Viewers will also be interested in seeing how different products from the same brand work together and compliment each other and is a definite content type you should consider including in your YouTube Marketing Strategy.

Content Type 13: Tutorials

YouTube Tutorials

Similar to ‘how to’ videos, tutorials don’t just make learning easier, but they usually guide the viewer through the entire process. Tutorials are different to step-by-step videos as they generally include the entire walk-through along with comments from the creator. Tutorials aren’t just purely educational but can be entertaining and aren’t always even given by ‘experts’ in the field. In those cases, they act more as entertainment with a clever promotional value than anything else

You can include tutorials in your YouTube Marketing Strategy and combine with it various other types of content. Tutorials can also act as product reviews as many brands partner up with either influencers or clients to film tutorial videos of how the product works, including and benefiting from alternative and authentic opinion.

Content Type 14: ‘Best of’ Videos

So, we know that viewers prefer videos under 60 seconds – why not include everything of the best in those 60 seconds?

‘Best of’ or Compilation videos allow you to provide a large amount of information in a shorter period as well as cover many topics and are great videos to include in your YouTube Marketing Strategy to keep your audience intrigued. ‘Best of’ videos are also great for including your own products and highlighting some of the best moments you had in your company. Best of videos are effective because they have a way of romanticising certain events. This tactic is frequently used in movies when they include ‘’Supercuts”, where they combine a large number of video clips into one compilation, showing the best parts. This encourages the viewer to be a part of these moments.

youtube marketing strategy

‘Best of’ videos can also be humorous and include a valuable personal element to your brand. You want to humanise your business – including a behind-the-scenes video of all the best moments and bloopers which will help viewers relate to your company and communicate your company culture.

Content Type 15: Reveal/ Unboxing

YouTube Marketing Strategy - YouTube Unboxing

There’s a certain element of curiosity and excitement when it comes to unboxing videos. Everyone wants to see what’s in the box, how it works and if they too would like the product. Unboxing videos are popular as they capture raw and honest moments. They capture genuine reactions of people and influencers as they open a product for the first time.

In the midst of sponsored videos and marketing tactics, these authentic moments go a long way.

We all know that feeling of excitement when you’re either opening a gift ourselves or watching others open gifts and packages. We sit there and eagerly await their reaction as they rip through the package. We focus on their facial cues and their reactions – whether or not we know what’s inside or not. It’s not really about the product at all.

In 2015, the term ‘unboxing’ on YouTube returned a staggering 53.5 million results, with the number only increasing.

Unboxing videos highlight brands and emphasize the consumer/product experience.

  • Viewers get to join in on the anticipation
  • Draws on the effect of influencers
  • Impact on consumer/buying decisions.

To make unboxing videos as effective as possible, you could benefit from the anticipation and curiosity of your viewers and align the content with your branding strategy. Users should be able to recognise your logo, colours, fonts and brand voice as it should align with your brands online and digital persona.

Content Type 16: DIY

youtube marketing strategy

Anything from DIY wedding invitations to building your own coffee table can be found on YouTube.

Your brand should be here, doing simple DIY videos relating to your industry.

Including DIY videos in your YouTube Marketing Strategy can also make way for valuable opportunities to incorporate product placement. Create videos that are informative and offer lifehacks and advice to do it yourself. DIY videos can include valuable

industry related hints and tips as well as creative ways to use your product or service.

Incorporate user-generated content as well and ask them for interesting and creative ways they made use of your DIY videos. This will build your online community and boost engagement.

Content Type 17: Explanatory Videos

Explainer videos are aimed at explaining business ideas in a way that is easy to understand, entertaining, engaging and effective. Explainer videos are generally short animated videos, using clear and concise language. The visuals offer stimulation and make the content compelling and grab the viewer’s attention.

Some brands include explainer videos above the fold of their homepage to communicate the most important elements of the business. By placing an explainer video, you could increase the average visit time on your page by 2 minutes.

Explainer videos are great for increasing conversion rates, as they give your viewers quick and helpful information in a compelling way and can grow conversions by 20% on average.

YouTube Explanatory Videos

Content Type 18: Educational

youtube marketing strategy

People trust experts in a field. Although the power of everyday influencers is undeniable, there is still a demand for the opinion and recommendations of professionals. These types of videos add credibility to your brand and product.

Seventy percent of viewers use YouTube to help solve a problem with work, school, or hobbies, and 86 percent said they regularly use YouTube to learn new things.

If you have leading thought generation in your company, YouTube is a great way to offer content that is educational and from a reliable source.

However, people don’t always listen to recommendations – even if they come from the most sought-after source. So, how do you create and provide content that people will learn from and actually apply to their own lives? In order to create educational content that is effective, people need to understand, not merely be told. A study recently showed that at least 67% of users on YouTube have some sort of college education. People are naturally sceptical; thus, you need to include practical examples and reasons as to why this information is necessary for them to understand and implement.

If the content is not engaging, your audience might find the video irrelevant and desensitise themselves from the problem and solution your brand is providing. Providing educational videos can also increase brand visibility, and awareness as your brand will provide solutions and advice for those searching for key terms related to your brand on YouTube.

Tip: To improve brand awareness it’s important to include important and relevant SEO keywords in your title. This does not mean click-baiting, but rather encourages effective engagement and reduces bounce rate.

Content Type 19: Q&A

YouTube Q&A

Q & A content types allow your audience to put a face behind the brand. If you aren’t answering client questions, Q and A type videos are also a creative way to film industry-related interviews.

Including Question and Answer videos are also an effective way for clients to get to know you on a personal level and acts as an informal, informative chat. People want to know the questions other people have and if they fall in sync with theirs. Customers also frequently want answers, but sometimes feel as if they can’t reach a brand – this way – they’re right there in the middle of the feedback.

By including Q and A content in your YouTube Marketing Strategy, you can improve your client service relations by picking frequently asked questions and answer them in a way that is both professional and personal.

According to HubSpot, 80% of people remember the content that they see on YouTube. Because of the auditory and visual elements, Q and A videos can be informative, creative, gripping and engaging and will allow your audience to recall some key elements and facts about your business.

Thus, by providing Q and A content in your YouTube Marketing Strategy, you can:

  • Boost client engagement
  • Improve brand credibility
  • Humanise your brand
  • Educate your audience
  • Reduce customer service costs and complaints

Content Type 20: Self Improvement

YouTube Self Improvement

Sometimes, people of all ages seek self-improvement videos. Some seek help in different areas of their lives. If relevant, your brand should be there, offering tips and advice on how to cope with certain things.

Including Self-Improvement videos in your YouTube Marketing Strategy allows for your audience to re-establish their trust in your brand. Self-Improvement videos are also popularly shared and could influence the traffic to your channel.

Not only do your viewers benefit from these types of videos, but so does your brand, as loyalty and business/client relationships improve. It proves that you invest in your clients as much as they invest in you, even more so.

People love a success story, and this type of video content will arouse an emotional response as well as make customers believe in your business when they see how far you have come.

Self-Improvement videos also improve B2B relationships and increase networking opportunities as you can reference other companies or include them in your videos if they have offered your business guidance or assistance.

Ultimately, the trick is to balance out large quantity alongside good quality. Consistency takes effort, but the effort will pay off and allow you to reap what you sow in your YouTube Marketing Strategy. Don’t worry too much about staying the trendiest, most viewed and relevant channel out there. Focus on being authentic and true to your brand voice, while up to date and relevant. Your audience will pick up whether or not you’re trying too hard or not trying hard enough. Take it easy and focus on setting up a YouTube Marketing strategy that focuses on obtaining your business goals, rather than the vanity metrics of views and subscribers.

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