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Gain Insights We Learnt Over 10 Years Running 3.5M POUNDS WORTH OF DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS

Owner Run Agency

Started in Sydney Australia 2013, we moved to Cape Town. Owner run Family business, run by brothers.

We’ve Learnt What Works

We have managed £3.5m worth of Digital Marketing campaigns to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Driven To Get You the Best ROI

We own a Agency and our own business and know what its like to make every cent count.

We Work With Leading Brands

We help many leading brands; Le Coq Sportif, Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi with their digital marketing.

Experience Across Multiple Industries

We have worked across many industries; Automotive, Hospitality, Insurance, Education plus many more.

Clients Across the Globe

We have worked locally and internationally with clients from UK, South Africa, Mauritius and Australia

Brands That Have Made Use
of Our Services

Conversion Advantage is proud to manage a wide variety of international and local clients.
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The Majority of Digital Marketing Tactics We Tested Did Not Work

Getting Your Digital Marketing could be big financial risk to you business. Set up a strategy call and take advantage of our experience.

  • If you don’t optimize your Facebook ads you will generate 1,000’s of poor quality leads

  • If you get you Google Ads bidding strategy wrong you end up paying More for your ads than what your products worth

  • Your digital marketing strategy is doomed if your website is not optimised to convert

  • Not ranking on Google could mean that you are missing out on 30% - 40% of leads and sales.

  • Without a expert strategy, you can easily spend £1000’s on digital marketing with little or no return on investment

Insights from 1000’s Of Digital Marketing Campaigns Showed That These 3 Strategies Delivered The Highest ROI


1 SEO –
Rank on Google

Increase website visitors by ranking higher on Google.


2 PPC –
Advertise Online

Run Google Ads when customers are searching for your products or services.


3 CRO –
Convert Better

Optimise your website to convert as many website visitors into leads or customers.

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our FAQ to learn more about how digital marketing can benefit your business.
Do all your clients get better results?

Over 95% of our clients get better results. Some want more traffic, others want more sales or leads. Depending on the brand, the objectives change. We create strategies to deliver what matters most to our clients. We don’t hold clients to long term contracts and they can cancel their services with a 30 day notice. However, we work with fantastic business owners and brands that have been clients for many years.

Do I have to sign up as a client if I do a Free Strategy Assessment?

No. There is no pressure from our side for anyone to sign up after receiving their assessment. We do this assessment to see how much value we can add. If we cant add value, we will tell you. If we can, we will show you. Either way, businesses derive great value from this as it gives them an independent assessment on how their digital marketing stacks up.

What causes businesses to fail at digital marketing?

Generally speaking, when businesses don’t get results, its usually not a lack of trying on their behalf. We have learnt that there could be several scenarios at play. Some you can fix and some are unfixable.

Those that are fixable:

The businesses offers a good product or service, at a good price. There are allot of consumers wanting their products. However their conversion rates are low. Here you can upgrade the businesses branding to gain more trust from consumers, repurpose your advertising to target buyers when they are in buying mode and make a offer better than the competitors. The combination has worked well in the past and usually a strategy deployed by medium sized businesses that what to scale to large businesses.

Those that are unfixable or hard to fix are:

Digital marketing generally cant fix a uncompetitive product, streams of bad reviews or product that’s not in demand by customers. To create demand is extremely expensive. Where turning demand into sales is allot easier.

What are your costs and how do you charge for you services?

All our Digital Marketing services are charged on a fees for service rate. On average, monthly fees range between:

Small business – £634 to £1522 pm
Medium sized businesses – £1522 – £3804 pm
Large businesses – £3804 – £6338 pm
National brands and Groups – £3804 – £25k pm

Do you lock clients into long term contracts?

No we don’t. All our contracts can be cancelled within 30 days. As a Digital Marketing Agency and Business owners, we understand performance is essential to keeping clients long term and therefore don’t want to lock anyone into a long term contract if they wish to end our services. We have set this up in a way we would have wanted it if we were in a clients shoes.

Could an agency get better results than what we are doing in house?

Most in house teams struggle to have all the digital marketing skills in house. For instance, small to medium sized businesses usually employ 1 person to deal with their digital marketing.

However, its usually hard for their digital marketing to compete with an agency that has 5 different specialists working on a single campaign. In an agency you get access to copywriter (that professionally writes the ads) + a professional designer + digital marketing strategist (to write the digital strategy to get you the best results) + Analytics specialist (who places tracking on all your advertising so that you know what works and what doesn’t) + account manger who project manages the entire process on your behalf.

The 5 people you access in the agency, usually costs the same prices as the 1 person that’s employed in house.
The difference is that its very hard for that 1 person to do all 5 peoples jobs at the same level of competencies. We haven’t found such a person – if you know of someone that could do this – please let us know – and will immediately employ them! 😊

Can I Get a Strategy Assessment without my existing agency knowing?

Yes. Definitely for the initial strategy call. If we need more information, to provide deeper insight we would send you an email address – which the agency would need to give access to your Google Analytics data. In most cases business owners can do it themselves and it only takes 5 minutes. .

How can I meet with the agency owners to discuss my business?

If your business meets our minimum client thresholds of £608 to £1520 pm – we are always happy to meet and discuss how we can help your business. JP is primarily involved in these discussions and Dante gets involved with meetings with Large and National brands.