23 Content Types To Include In Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Written by Karlyne Zovitsky

With active monthly Twitter users recorded at 330 million in January 2018, having a Twitter Marketing Strategy is imperative for any business wanting to build communities.

The foundation of your Twitter Marketing Strategy

To have a good foundation for your Twitter Marketing Strategy, it’s important to have clear objectives and goals regarding any social media marketing strategy.

So, how will your business and brand stand out in the world of millions of tweets constantly flowing through newsfeeds in a time where speed and relevance go hand in hand?

Twitter is known for having a real-time ability to share and receive the news with a global reach. Its power also lies in its direct, concise messaging. Twitter is therefore great for posting smaller, condensed volumes of content at a time.

The State of Social released a 2018 report on social media marketing. Although Twitter is declining in the ranks of monthly active users, when respondents were asked how they measure ROI regarding their social media marketing campaigns, Engagement was on the top of the chart.

Social Media Advertising ROI

Your twitter marketing strategy goals might include:

  • Generating leads and sales.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Boosting brand or product awareness.
  • Decreasing customer support costs
  • Reputation Management
  • Networking

We’ve compiled a list of 23 Content Types that you should include in your Twitter Marketing Strategy.

Content Types to include in your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Content Type 1: Trending Topics

As a brand, it is important to remember that even though Twitter is a platform where users engage with brands and businesses, it is also a community where users engage with each other and share different opinions.

Including trending topics in your, Twitter Marketing Strategy is an effective way to not only join in on the conversation but steer the conversation in the direction you choose. When doing so, it is crucial that you understand your target market and what interests them. Finding that balance between what is trendy and what is relevant to your audience, is what will set you apart from the competition.

An example would be to tailor your tweets and posts to your audience in such a way, that it incorporates a message that resonates with your target audience instead of just generic hashtags.

When including trending topics in your Twitter Marketing Strategy, it is crucial that you understand your target market and what interests them. As a brand, you need to find the balance between what is trendy and what is relevant to your brand and audience.

Twitter Marketing Strategy - Twitter Trending Topics

Users appreciate brands and businesses with strong values, morals, and opinions. So, be sure to keep in mind that you don’t always have to relate trending topics back to a product or service.

If there happens to be a topic that your company feels passionate about, voice your opinion or support. Doing so will allow your users to understand that you are a company with a voice that doesn’t mind standing up for what is right. Brands reach success through Twitter Marketing when they don’t just listen to the conversation but use their influence to speak up when necessary.

Content Type 2: Competitions

Including competitions in your, Twitter Marketing Strategy is a great idea if you’re looking to boost engagement and shares which can ultimately lead to an increase in followers.

Ensure that you have clear business goals and objectives as to what you would like to achieve through the competition you’re running. Twitter competitions frequently follow the retweet and follow method. This method involves asking your followers to retweet something and then follow your account to enter.

Twitter Competitions

Retweet and Follow tactics

  • Boosts your brand reach
  • Encourages retweets
  • Attracts new followers
  • Increases mentions of your company’s Twitter handle.

Incorporating this type of competition can also boost cross-platform traffic as you could link various other social media accounts to the terms and conditions of entering your brand’s competition.

Retweet and follow competitions are the most popular types to include in your Twitter Marketing Strategy. However, nothing is stopping your brand to incorporate different, unique and creative ways to engage with customers through competitions.

Alternatively, you could judge entries by most creative answers to questions or ask your users to compete via using a specific hashtag, if your business objective is for your Twitter Marketing Strategy to boost brand awareness and the usage of your hashtag.

Content Type 3: Infographics

Infographics are effective and helpful tools that can massively influence the effectiveness of your Twitter Marketing Strategy. By using Infographics in your tweets, you expand on valuable information and create a picture that simply wouldn’t be told as effectively in 280 characters.

Twitter Infographics

Infographics add a visual component to important information and are typically “liked” and shared on social media 3X more than other any other type of content.

Content Type 4: Video Content

Twitter Video Content

Video is one of the most popular content pieces in the world of social media.

Since Twitter allows for video content to play automatically, it is an extremely effective and impactful way to not only attract new customers but retain current ones. Video content has taken over as the top priority for many brands.

According to the Video Marketing Statistics of 2017, 83% of businesses believe that video gives them a good ROI.

Twitter also owns a video platform, Periscope, which allows you to take live videos or save them for your users to watch later.

Periscope via Twitter

Video Content can include:

  • Responding to Tweets
  • Live Events
  • How-to
  • Announcements
  • Advertisements

Content Type 5: GIF’s

GIFs aren’t just for fun and quirky social commentary but are extremely beneficial tools to add visual and multimedia aspects to your content.

The benefits of using GIF posts is that it adds a similar element that image posts have yet is combined with the creative and interactive elements of video. Although they are smaller files in size as opposed to video content, they still offer quality and drive attention to your posts.

GIF on Twitter

Twitter Marketing Strategy GIFS

Use GIFs for Promotional material

GIFs are an easy and cost-effective alternative to videos when your brand is promoting new material. GIFs offer a middle ground, allowing you to add more life and creativity to your Twitter posts.

Content Type 6: Quotes

Quotes on Twitter

Quotes, whether inspirational, funny or interesting, offer your audience valuable and easily digestible snippets that stick with them during the day. By incorporating quote posts in your Twitter Marketing Strategy, you’re able to give your brand a voice and a personality.

Including quotes can result in higher retweet volume as well as increase your brand engagement.

Quotes can, however, also be used for promotional reasons. Quote posts can be used to offer teasers on new products creating awareness and anticipation for future product releases. Quotes are also a useful tool to incorporate short customer testimonials to your Twitter account. Testimonials improve your brand credibility and will show current and potential customers and followers that you are a brand that they can trust.

Content Type 7: Tips & Tricks

Twitter Tips & Tricks

In an era of instant gratification, tips and tricks are a great form of valuable content to include in your Twitter Marketing Strategy. Posting content like life hacks or tips shows your target market that you care about them and that your brand is there to help make their lives easier. This useful information will boost users’ confidence in your brand.

Content Type 8: Links to Content

Longer form content pieces still give your brand the edge you need to stay ahead of your competition. As a business, it’s important that you make use of the tool to link these longer form content pieces to your posts on Twitter. This will allow you to tell your business story as well as increase traffic to your landing pages.

 Your tweet should entail a lead magnet or enticing headline that would encourage the user to follow the provided link for more information.

This information includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Guides
  • Interviews

By providing your audience with the option to engage in longer content, you delve into the deeper benefit that is content marketing. Content Marketing provides your target market with information that they previously wouldn’t have had access to if they weren’t engaged with your brand. This increases retention rates and customer loyalty.

Twitter Links to Content


A URL of any length can be copy and pasted into your tweet. Twitter will automatically convert the link to only 23 characters. Pinning your blog URL’s or other content forms is a technique many brands implement in order to redirect their followers to other platforms of the brand.


Content Type 9: Fun Facts

Everyone loves fun facts; it’s in the name. However, they can be way more useful than pure fun and games when you include them in your Twitter Marketing Strategy.

Twitter Fun Facts

Including Fun Facts can improve the way you tell your brand story. Content posts could include facts about your brand, team or products and provide you with the ability to steer the conversation to your Twitter account.

Content Type 10: User-Generated Content

twitter marketing strategy

Usually, this contributor is a part of your audience or following. But, what’s in it for your brand? User-Generate content gives your brand content that tells users that your brand is trusted within the community of followers.

Potential customers are influenced by the opinions of their peers, rather than the sole subjective view of a brand. By implementing content via users and your audience, you create an authenticity between your business and the public. It makes users feel involved, yet also provides your brand with useful customer insights. Ask your users to take part in designing a new product, by asking what they think you should add to your collection, for example.

Content Type 11: Twitter Polls

There are various ways brands and businesses can incorporate twitter polls in their Twitter Marketing Strategy. The number one reason most brands use Twitter Polls as a tool for marketing is for product research and promotion.

twitter marketing strategy

Content Type 12: Quizzes

This marketing strategy has taken Facebook by storm and range from ridiculous topics like ‘What emoji are you?’ to ‘What career should you be in? However, how do you use quizzes as a beneficial content type in your Twitter Marketing Strategy?

By creating quizzes that are specific to your target audience, there are multiple ways in which your business can benefit. Not only will your audience receive valuable results, but you will also gain valuable customer insights. If the results are interesting, trendy and relevant, the option to share the said results on multiple social media platforms will also act as an easy way to create more content.

Try sharing the results of the quiz via email, here you can get the details of prospective clients and grow your email lists.

Twitter Quiz

Content Type 13: Assessments

Twitter Assessments

Assessment posts help your brand sift through your Twitter marketing campaign in order to see what’s working and what isn’t. Nothing stays consistent in the world of social media. Between competitors, updates and trends, it is crucial that you evaluate and readjust your brand’s Twitter Marketing Strategy frequently to stay up on the top.

Content Type 14: Q&A’s

Q&A type posts are incredibly beneficial for your brand to incorporate into your Twitter Marketing Strategy.

Twitter Q&A's

By using Q&A type posts, you undeniably influence the effectiveness and reliability of your client services. Q&A posts offer brands the chance to directly communicate with the customers and collect research on which questions are most frequently asked. This research could be valuable when doing product or brand analysis.

Content Type 15: Favourite Resources

As a top leading brand, it is important to note that your brand is an influencer in itself. A good Twitter Marketing Strategy isn’t about constantly fighting to stay in the loop or to be part of the conversation. A good strategy also realises that you are a conversation starter. Therefore, it is important to include networking and B2B engagement in your Twitter Marketing Strategy.

Share some of your favourite resources or retweet relevant topics that your brand resonates with.

Twitter Favourite Resources

This content type improves brand credibility, as your users will see that you stay alert and up to date. By sharing other content, you also develop important online connections with other big accounts who may return the favour of sharing your content at a later stage, which will contribute to your brand’s visibility, awareness and credibility.

Content Type 16: Step-by-step guides

Step-by-step guides and tutorials are absolute winners when it comes to providing your audience with content they want to retweet or engage with. By having identified the pain-points of your target market, it is now time to offer those promised solutions. These solutions can come in the form of simple guides. Step-by-step Twitter content types can either be tweets that link to a longer form guide, short videos, or a series of images and text.

What is the goal of these guides?

Step-by-step guides aim at providing clarity and simplicity to your account. It provides a seemingly effortless style of problem-solving to something that might be quite complicated. Your audience will appreciate this notion.

twitter marketing strategy

What are the benefits?

It’s a clever way to increase organic reach, as it is filled with opportunities to insert relevant keywords for SEO optimisation.

Step-by-step guides could also include guides on brand-specific products. This clears up any possible confusion regarding the use of the product and creates a better structure for customer support as well as easier and more effective reputation management.

Content Type 17: Beginner’s Guides

Depending on the product or service your business provides, certain topics might feel like second nature to you. If you are a specialist in a certain area or field, it might sometimes feel difficult to relate to someone who does not quite have similar expertise in that field. This is where the importance of beginner’s guides come into play. Beginner’s guides, whether you create your own guide or retweet other guides, brings it back to the core and basics of retaining your customers and gaining new potential customers.

twitter marketing strategy

Businesses work with people. People like working with other people – not corporate companies. By providing Beginner’s guides to various topics, you are adding a personal element back into your brand. These guides help show your audience that you understand them and not only know what they are interested in, but you want to help them achieve their goals.

Content Type 18: Behind-the-scenes

Behind-the-scenes posts offer a look at what makes the magic happen in your business. Your audience want to feel like a part of something greater. By sharing behind-the-scenes footage, you extend an olive branch of trust and authenticity to your consumers. Once your clients feel like they are a part of your brand, they are more likely to convert and follow calls to action.

Twitter Behind-the-scenes

Behind-the-scenes posts allow you to show off your creativity, voice and company culture. These types of posts can include:

  • Video content
  • Sneak Peaks into your business
  • Bloopers
  • Meet the Team content
  • A ‘making of’ post of your production process

Content Type 19: Share Data

Apart from collecting data and incorporating it into your business objectives, it is beneficial to your Twitter Marketing Strategy that you share some of this data. Your audiences will be very interested to see what results your brand has gathered, especially if the data is something your audience had a role in creating. If you had recent questionnaires, Twitter polls or competitions, be sure to share the overall collected data with your following.

You can do this in creative ways, like graphs and statistics.

Twitter Share Data

Sharing your data is also a vital part of leading thought generation, as your target market will find information about themselves too compelling to resist, especially if it’s accurate.

Content Type 20: Case Studies

Case studies all boil down to one fundamental element: To learn by example. Case studies are effective content types to include in your Twitter Marketing Strategy as they provide an insightful look into a competitor analysis and also provide your audience with real-life examples of business-related content and how these case studies could apply to their own lives.

twitter marketing strategy

Content Type 21: Latest News

twitter marketing strategy

One of the most talked about topics regarding news and Twitter has been the crackdown of bots and the spreading of fake news affecting political elections. The importance of authentic and transparent news is thus more important than ever.

If you are looking to include this content type in your Twitter Marketing Strategy, you need to provide news that is relevant and trustworthy. By staying up to date with the latest news in your industry and within current affairs, you get a better idea of the world around you and how to incorporate that world into your Twitter Marketing Strategy. In this scenario, ignorance is far from bliss.

By providing industry news and announcements, you can also strengthen the sense of community within your following. By providing your audience with insights and latest news, you keep them in the loop and create brand transparency. Latest news can also be tweeted with links to other landing pages or company announcements.

Content Type 22: Live Tweets

Businesses often use live-tweeting to keep their audiences in the loop when there is a certain event or conference taking place. This allows for more people to participate and engage in the event, as tweets will have a higher visibility reach as the number of people who can physically attend.

Live-tweeting also allows customers to get updates and insights into important current affairs that they either cannot or may not attend. Live-Tweeting allows members from Twitter to engage with the event through asking questions through Twitter. These questions are often responded to in real-time and create a way for various people from different countries, time zones and mediums to effectively communicate with each other. This not only broadens the reach of your brand but opens up doorways for alternative suggestions and opinions from all around the world in real-time.

Live Tweets Twitter Marketing Strategy

Some tips when live-tweeting:

  • Focus on quotes from speakers or presenters.
  • Use relevant hashtags.
  • Use image templates to share photos of the event.
  • Retweet other tweets from event.
  • Retweet insightful comments.
  • Post BTS images and updates.

Content Type 23: Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a successful Twitter Marketing Strategy tool as it increases the number of followers who actively engage with your brand, rather than merely increasing your generic (possibly irrelevant) follower count. Get started by searching for Twitter Chats that are relevant to your industry. If there aren’t any – start one yourself.

It is important to remember that every business has their own unique way of interacting with their audiences and engaging with their following.  By including some of these content types into your Twitter Marketing Strategy you won’t have to worry about missing out on any possible ways to create content that resonates with your customers and aligns with your business goals. Take it one step at a time; you’re already on the right path!

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