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    Website Design: Your Brand Identity

    Indeed defines web design as forming websites and pages to reflect a company brand and information and ensure a user-friendly experience. Businesses can create or maintain a strong brand identity for their company through web design.

    Website design is crucial because a professionally designed website can help you make a positive first impression on potential clients. That is why you should only trust the experts with your website needs. Get a free quote today!

    What Is Web Design And Development?

    The process of creating a website is web design and development. Website design and development are usually used interchangeably but represent two different aspects of the website-building process and contrasting skill sets. They are, however, very much intertwined.

    Invision confirms that website design and website development require the two key skill sets of web design and web development, as the name would imply. Web design shapes the look and feel of a website when web development influences its functionality.

    Website Design Trends

    It is necessary to stay up-to-date with new and exciting trends so that you may make any changes to your website design, if required, and maximise your potential for success. Keep up with the most recent developments in the web design business by getting inspired by these latest top trends.

    Some of the most popular web design trends adopted from Dribble include:

    • Increased Web Accessibility
    • Nostalgia
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Minimalism
    • Microinteractions
    • Mobile-Friendly Designs
    • Augmented Reality
    • Dark Mode

    Click here to explore these website design trends in detail.

    Website Design Services

    Conversion Advantage offers various services to help you achieve all your goals with our website design solutions. Some of the most frequently used web design services include:

    1. Web Layout Design
    2. Web Design and Development
    3. Landing Pages

    Conversion Advantage is here to help, do contact us here.

    Website Layout Design

    A website design layout refers to the arrangement of each visual component on a webpage. This exercise maximises user experience and ultimately generates leads by directing the attention of website users to the decisive content first.

    Website Design and Development

    Web design and development refers to a website’s functioning, look, and feel. Conversion Advantage will execute your web projects with user experience in mind to encourage your audiences to convert to your desired end goal.

    Landing Pages

    The Google English dictionary, provided by Oxford Languages, defines a landing page as a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. Conversion Advantage can develop a compelling Landing Page that makes it easy for the target audience to buy your products.

    Website Design Packages

    Web design packages often vary in terms of offerings and plans. Whether you want a monthly retainer or a long-range budget, we have the perfect package for your brand.

    Here are some of the popular website design and development services Conversion Advantage offers:

    1. Mobile-Optimised Website
    2. Shopping Cart / Online Ordering System / Online Payments
    3. Content Management System
    4. Email Newsletters
    5. Website Maintenance
    6. SEO Optimisation
    7. Content Management System
    8. User Experience
    9. Blogs
    10. Social Media Integration

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    Website Design Experts

    There are various website design companies. Therefore, you should choose one that understands your demands and goals and has a relevant portfolio that backs its experience. Choose Conversion Advantage for your website project and attract the right audience to help increase sales.

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    Popular Website Design Portfolio Pieces

    Conversion Advantage is a web design company with a proven track record of working on web design solutions in various industries. From E-Commerce and B2B to luxury travel wine farms, we will exceptionally execute all visual designs from conceptual stages to the final development stages. Explore some of our popular website designs below.

    B2B Website Design

    Only the correct B2B website will effectively convert visitors into buyers. It needs to be clear, focus on the consumer, highlight the outcome, and help customers complete their intended actions on your website.

    View one of the best B2B website examples designed by Conversion Advantage for Navicle here.


    When designing an E-Commerce website, you want to make sure you do not just build a store but build a brand your audiences will appreciate and connect with.

    For a great example of eCommerce web design done right, click here to view Le Coq Sportif South Africa, designed by Conversion Advantage.

    Luxury Travel

    The mark of an effective luxury travel web design is an immediate feeling of wanderlust and decadence overcoming you when viewing the said site. In other words, a luxury website should be elevated and opulent.

    Explore the upscale website for Shamwari Private Game Reserve designed by Conversion Advantage here.

    Wine farm

    Designing a website for a wine farm is as important as the vinification. Your website should therefore showcase your wine farm uniquely and effectively to set it apart from the competition, especially when internationally recognised.

    Want to take a peek at some exquisite wine farm web designs?

    Click here to see the approachable website for La Motte designed by Conversion Advantage.


    Although offering insurance may not be the most fun business, you can still attract customers and generate new leads with outstanding web design because everyone needs this service. Conversion Advantage can help with your website needs so that when people eventually come across your insurance website, they are guaranteed a pleasant and painless experience.

    Is your current web design not satisfying these consumer needs? Contact Conversion Advantage today and start reaping the benefits of a well-designed website. For an example of such a site, click here to view this friendly website for Pet Insurance Australia designed by Conversion Advantage.

    Why Website Design?

    A great user experience can captivate and convert customers. Initially, web design focused on designing websites for desktop browsers only. However, with technological advancements plus the internet evolving, web design now incorporates UX (user experience) and focuses on mobile plus tablet browsers to avoid loss of revenue.

    Do you need a friendly, reliable, functioning website or a great UX website that offers a pleasurable experience worth sharing? Delivering a fantastic user experience that makes it simple for people to convert to your intended objective might mean different things in practice depending on a particular website, brand, audience, and more.

    Trust the experts with your website design. Contact us now!


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