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    What is SEO?

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become a popular term used in companies, but what exactly is it? For your company, SEO means an increase in your website traffic. Per definition, SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website, content and links to be more relevant and popular towards user searches. The result includes organically directing targeted web traffic to your website and ranking it higher on search engines.

    Ideally, you want your business to rank on the first page of any search engine. Ranking high gives you the sense of authority in being a company that knows what your target audience wants and provides it, as well as having the ability to attract more people to your site.

    According to and, the average CTR (Click-Through Rates) for the first three Google search results are 39.8%, 18.7% and 10.2% respectively. This means that if your website appears on the first page of google, then you will receive the most clicks.

    SEO is also known as SEO marketing as you are essentially marketing your website and your services/products through the use of SEO techniques

    When done right by a good SEO Company, your company will move into one of these positions, ensuring that you reach the most consumers possible.

    How SEO Works

    SEO works on the principle of changing your website design and content to become more attractive to search engines so that your website will rank among the top results. A search engine’s primary goal is to provide the best results to you – the users. Therefore, results on the first page of a search engine contain the most relevant and high-quality information related to your query. This is based on the keywords you typed into the search bar.

    Search engines identify the top websites by crawling (more commonly known as scanning) through different sites to determine what they are all about. By doing this, search engines can deliver the most relevant search results based on what keywords/key phrases users search for. Keywords are one of the most crucial parts of SEO, as a website’s rank is dependent on how relevant it is to the keywords/key phrases searched.

    By doing keyword research, you can determine what people search for and insert these keywords into your website’s titles, URLs, H1 tags etc. The more, the better. Just make sure that your website still makes sense.

    Linking is another essential facet of how SEO works. The more relevant links you have leading to and from your website, the higher your website will rank over time. Search engines have a specific focus on backlinks when determining your website’s ranking. Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. This definition was found on, where you can find more information on backlinking.

    What is an SEO Company?

    SEO companies or agencies, simply put, offer SEO services to other companies to help them improve their online visibility, reach and relevance by generating links, creating and optimising content and designs as well as restructuring website design and performance. In essence, they optimise your website to increase your search engine ranking, leads (people drawn to your website), inquiries and ultimately, continuous sales.

    Important to note: SEO takes time to have the desired effect and needs to be maintained. It is not only a once-off thing that an SEO company do for you. SEO companies make a living by continuously writing and optimizing content for your website. Some SEO companies even track how many leads you receive and optimise your website and its content based on the results.

    By working with an SEO company, you are gaining the invaluable experience of industry professionals that know exactly how to get your website climbing up the search engine ranks.

    Their services include, but are not limited to: 

    • Website auditing and optimization
    • Development of tailor-made SEO strategies
    • Keyword/key-phrase research and optimization
    • Sitemap creation and editing
    • Content creation and marketing
    • Link building

    For more information on SEO company services, you can view Semrush’s SEO services blog.

    Conversion Advantage offers specific digital marketing services to our clients. Peruse through them here.

    Do you think you need an SEO company’s help? Keep in mind that there are more than 200 factors that determine how high a website ranks in Google’s search results.

    SEO Services

    As touched upon in the previous section, SEO companies provide a wide variety of services, all to improve your website’s visibility on search engine rankings. In this section, we will be explaining a few of the most popular SEO services provided by SEO companies.

    SEO Analysis

    SEO analysis allows an SEO company to track all website visitors via web analytics reporting systems. This type of analysis reveals where you are generating your website traffic, where site visitors come from and what they viewed on your website, how you are carrying out your content strategy, which keywords you’re ranking for, how you are performing for both on and off-page SEO components and whether or not you have technical errors.

    As established before, SEO is a continuous process. The goal of SEO analysis is not only to reveal the above information but also to point out where and how you can improve your website, its content, keywords used and your SEO strategy.

    A competitor SEO analysis can also be done to determine your position in relation to your competitors and what their SEO strategies entail. With this information, SEO professionals can create a unique and more effective SEO strategy to suit your company’s needs.

    SEO Strategy

    An SEO strategy is an action plan developed to help improve a website’s rankings and thus increase organic search traffic. There are various SEO strategies that exist. None of them is the same. Some of the SEO strategies focus more on backlinking, while others focus more on keeping up with what their competitors are doing.

    A very popular and essential SEO strategy is organising a website’s content by topic based on relevant keywords. This allows search engines to understand a user’s intention when they land on a specific page of your website when they are searching for a specific topic. By having your website optimised around specific topics and keywords, you can increase your expertise in the eyes of search engines and thus rank high for key phases pertaining to the topics categorised on your website.

    SEO Keywords

    SEO Keywords or key phrases are terms added to your content in order to increase search engine rankings for your website. This means that selecting the correct and most relevant keywords is imperative to your company’s SEO success; without acing them, your website won’t go far.

    By making use of specialised SEO software, SEO companies can access a variety of data such as how many times per month your customers search for specific keywords relating to your product/service. This will help SEO professionals identify which keywords your company are ranking for and should be ranking for.

    SEO Content Creation

    Any company can create content for their website, but without an SEO focus, your website will not get much traffic. SEO content focuses on using relevant keywords, to-the-point headings, internal and external linking as well as convenient content structuring in your website.

    Content can vary from text, images or videos. The best way to ensure that your website ranks are by ensuring that relevant SEO keywords are used in your text, the alt descriptions of your images as well as the script and description of your videos.

    Regular product pages and blog posts are some of the most effective types of SEO content that you can create for your website to ensure that your site’s traffic increases and do not drop.

    On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO refers to optimizing individual web pages on your website to allow them to rank higher and gain more relevant traffic in a search engine. You can do this by focusing on page-specific content, meta-tags, titles, links (includes internal linking), anchor text and more. The opposite of this, off-page SEO, refers to external factors such as links, specifically backlinks.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO is an extremely effective SEO strategy focusing on marketing your local company on local search results in a search engine. Local SEO benefits any company that has a physical location or that focuses on a specific geographic area.

    For Google specifically, this type of search engine optimization refers to helping your business to rank higher in the Local Pack/Map Pack and appear more frequently in response to a greater number of relevant queries.

    The benefit of local SEO is that sometimes your business can even rank higher than normal organic results, as Google has detected that your local users have an immediate need for your business

    SEO Website Optimisation

    SEO website optimisation means keeping abreast of the latest SEO developments and trends, as search engines change the way they rank websites on a regular basis. To rank high and outmanoeuvre your competition’s SEO strategies, it is imperative that you remain in the know.

    Website optimisation includes all the technical and marketing techniques that are utilised to gain more traffic, engage website visitors and lead them onto a path of converting to prospective buyers. There are a variety of methods that SEO companies use to optimise your website in order to meet the predetermined goals of your company’s SEO strategy. This ranges from updating the website’s UX to implementing technical SEO techniques.

    SEO Packages

    SEO Packages are custom SEO plans that SEO companies offer that aim to improve your website’s ranking in organic search results. Determining the right SEO package to suit your company’s SEO needs is very important, as SEO companies offer a wide variety of packages.

    When considering SEO packages, some things to keep in mind include:

    • The number of pages your company wants to rank for
    • How quickly you want to rank on a search engine
    • The competitiveness of the keywords/key phrases your company wants to rank for
    • The type of content you want to be created or optimised for your website

    It is important to keep in mind that SEO packages are usually long-term services that provide your company with a high return on investment. Depending on the package you select, you can see tangible results after one month, 3 months, 6 months or even a year. It all depends on a variety of aspects. This includes the package size that you choose, the specific SEO services you want and if you choose other digital marketing services that an SEO company can also offer such as PPC services, social media marketing services and website design.

    SEO Campaigns

    An SEO campaign is an essential part of your SEO strategy defined as a coordinated effort to improve your website’s search engine rankings. As with the previously-mentioned SEO packages, SEO campaigns are also long-term services that usually take about 3 months to 1 year to show results.

    Conversion Advantage’s campaigns are comprehensive in their scope and will provide your company with:

    • More website traffic
    • A major boost in credibility
    • The opportunity to be found easier online
    • Access to valuable potential consumer data
    • Lower costs
    • Improvements to your website and its content

    SEO & PPC

    SEO and PPC go hand in hand. PPC stands for pay-per-click and refers to a model of digital advertising where the advertiser pays a publisher every time its ads are clicked on. The biggest advantage of PPC is its immediacy. The moment you begin the campaign, your ads go live (are published), and traffic is driven to your website.

    Both SEO and PPC aim to make your website more visible with the ultimate goal of reaching more potential clients. Companies can benefit from both of these practices. You don’t necessarily have to choose between one or the other. Both are digital marketing techniques that can work together to complement your company’s marketing strategy and give it the best chance of success in gaining more web traffic, leads (potential customers) and conversions (visitors turned buyers).

    SEO Tools

    There are online programs that are specifically designed to provide data and alerts about the overall health, traffic and success of your website for the purpose of SEO. These programs are known as SEO tools and can be used by SEO companies to boost traffic to your website and improve its ranking. A comprehensive list of the latest SEO tools available can be found here.

    Market-leading SEO companies such as Conversion Advantage use specialised tools like SEMrush and Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) to great effect to optimise your website.


    SEMrush is an SEO tool used to find the most relevant and profitable keywords. Even though there are a lot of good SEO tools, SEMrush stays one of the best and most popular on the market.

    Conversion Advantage uses SEMrush to:

    • Track keyword rankings
    • Assess website speed
    • Assess the technical parts of your website
    • Outmanoevre competitors
    • See where improvements can be made to your website and content

    SEMrush helps SEO companies to:

    • Identify the different trends that are taking place within your company’s specific spheres
    • Identify all the relevant keywords/key-phrases
    • Audit your company’s on-page SEO
    • Check your website rankings and backlinks

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console, formerly known as Goolge Webmaster Tools, is the perfect program for attracting more traffic to your company’s website.

    Google Search Console helps SEO companies to:

    • Optimise your website content
    • Put your website on Google
    • Find issues and help fix your website
    • Understand how Google Search sees your website and its pages

    Google SEO

    It’s safe to say that Google is probably the most popular search engine, and thus, your company will especially want to score high on their rankings. SEO companies know exactly what Google is looking for when ranking websites.

    The first step SEO companies will take is to use tools such as Google Ads Keyword finder to identify the best and most relevant keywords /key phrases that suit your company’s website needs. After doing this, the necessary content can be written and designed. The focus then shifts to on-page optimisation.

    SEO companies will focus on organically making the earlier mentioned keywords/keyphrases appear throughout your website content without it looking like spam. This content includes the body of text, the title, subheadings as well the very important meta title, meta description, image file names and anchor tests which will further improve your website’s ranking.

    SEO Guide

    In the SEO marketing field, it is of utmost importance to stay on top of the latest SEO trends, to provide clients with the best solutions possible. Change happens quickly in our modern-day era. This is especially true in the dynamic field of SEO. When SEO companies do not keep up with these trends, major headaches can be caused for you and your company.

    There are multiple guides out there that specifically focus on SEO trends. Some focus on one aspect of SEO while others are comprehensive. A general guide to SEO can be downloaded here from


    After reading this webpage, you now know that there is more to SEO companies and what they do than initially meets the eye. If you are interested in SEO and are considering making use of a reputable, google-partnered and well-respected SEO company, do not hesitate to contact Conversion Advantage for a free 15-minute consultation.

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