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Inbound Marketing Agency Services Overview

What Is Inbound Marketing? 

Inbound marketing is a method of digital marketing that includes attracting, engaging and satisfying potential customers through valuable, relevant and helpful content. The idea is to grow your business as it builds trust and provides value to your website visitors.

It’s one thing to attract customers to your website, but keeping them there – well, that’s a whole different story. Inbound marketing focuses on optimising the user experience so that it keeps potential customers on your website.

If your customers are happy, your business will grow: either because they buy from you or because they promote your product or service to their family and friends.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is another name for traditional advertising methods. It stands in stark contrast with inbound marketing, as it includes television and radio ads, print advertising, telemarketing, direct mail and outdoor advertising (such as billboards).

Outbound marketing “shouts” to get your attention – it interrupts your life and demands your attention. Think about TV ads that appear in the middle of your favourite show, telemarketers phoning while you are occupied with important matters and door-to-door salesmen showing up just as you sit down for dinner.

This type of “in your face” advertising might have been effective in the past, but modern technology has allowed people to escape and avoid these interruptions.

Inbound marketing focusses on attracting audiences by implementing various digital marketing strategies to grab the attention of potential customers where they spend most of their time: online. In today’s world, inbound marketing is the way to go.

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The 5 Key Benefits z

Inbound marketing can be advantageous to your business for a multitude of reasons, however there are 5 key benefits:

  1. It’s cost effective
  2. Its effect is long-lasting
  3. It allows you to reach new markets and audiences
  4. It’s immediately effective
  5. It builds authority and creates brand awareness

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Inbound Marketing Agency Services

Conversion Advantage’s inbound marketing services can help your business attain real growth.

Keep on reading to find out what we have to offer and the strategy we have created especially for our clients.

SEO Inbound Marketing

Although SEO and inbound marketing are two different things, combining them can be extremely beneficial to your business.

Our inbound marketing agency focuses on converting site traffic into leads by providing the right content and a positive user experience.

SEO, on the other hand,focuses on attracting more traffic to your website by improving your website’s rank on SERPs.

So how are these two concepts similar?

Both involve providing a positive user experience.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to get more visitors to your site, reach potential clients and help people solve problems and answer questions. Inbound marketing has a very similar goal – to give site visitors what they are looking for and helping them answer questions and solve problems.

Starting to see the link, are you?

SEO and inbound marketing focus on different stages of the buyer’s journey. SEO is about attracting your target audience, while inbound marketing convinces them to stay on your site and make a purchase.

When SEO and inbound marketing are united, an effective and cohesive sales strategy is formed.

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Inbound Content Marketing 

Inbound marketing and content marketing should be part of your business’ digital marketing strategy. Just as SEO works in in tandem with inbound marketing, so too does content marketing. Using inbound and content marketing together can lead to amazing results for your business.

Our Inbound marketing agency makes your website better. The methods you use, and the content you publish can convert site visitors from potential customers to paying customers.

Content marketing makes your site more attractive to visitors. If your content answers their questions and helps them solve problems, it builds trust. This convinces them that you’re the right business for the job. This also comes to benefits your website’s performance in search engine rankings.

Combining inbound and content marketing can take your website form basic to brilliant. Not only can it help grow your online presence, but it can also help generate more leads and build trust between you and your clients. By utilising inbound content marketing, you can make your business’ site succeed online.

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Our Inbound Marketing Strategy

At Conversion Advantage, we have developed a unique 7-step data driven inbound marketing strategy.

Step 1: Keyword Research 

To attract more clients, you firstly need to know what they are searching for on Google.

By doing keyword research, we determine which keywords your potential customers use to search for anything and everything that is related to your brand.

Step 2: Validate Search Terms 

In the next step, we use data to validate the related keywords people use. The data we specifically look at is the search volume of each term, in order to determine what people search for more often.

Depending on your brand and its goals, we can determine the search volume of keywords per location (i.e. South Africa and/or globally).

Step 3: Create Themes 

Next, we create themes by grouping similar or closely related keywords together. Ultimately, each theme will become a piece of content on your website.

Every theme will be organised into a skeleton layout to ensure that each topic is covered and that your content answers site visitors’ most burning questions.

This is an example of a skeleton layout where the main key word was “PPC agency”:

Step 4: Check Keyword Ranking 

The next step involves using SEMrush to check where your business is currently ranking for the identified keywords.

This helps us track progress, which in turn allows us to make sure that your business’ website is experiencing continuous growth.

Step 5: Content Creation 

Next, content gets created based on the skeleton layout created in step 3.

  • This ensures that content for your website is created based on data.
  • It also increases the chances that your content will be successful and improves your rank on SERPs.

Step 6: Content is Uploaded 

Once the content is created, it is uploaded to your website.

Step 7: Optimisation 

The final step is to make sure that your website and everything on it is optimisedby our SEO specialists.The page’s URL, meta tags, images, and speed areall optimised to ensure the best possible user experience.

Good user experience = more conversions.

How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign 

In addition to the strategy above, we follow Hubspot’s 7 steps to run a successful inbound marketing campaign for your brand:

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Set goals for your brand
  3. Choose and optimise keywords
  4. Determine and develop your offers and landing pages
  5. Choose suitable digital marketing channels
  6. Nurture the leads that we generated through your offers
  7. Report on your results

By following these steps, we increase the chance of consistent growth for your brand as we can track and monitor each step.

Inbound Marketing Tools and Platforms

There are various inbound marketing tools and platforms that you can use to make life easier. Cobloom provides an expansive list of 21 inbound marketing tools you’ll fall in love with.

Here are the top 10 and their functions:

  1. Hubspot – Marketing Automation
  2. Hubspot CRM – Relationship Management
  3. Gather content – Content Management
  4. Beacon – Eguide Design
  5. Jotform – Form Builder
  6. Unbounce – Landing Pages
  7. Sumo – Content Upgrades
  8. Drift – Live Chat
  9. Onesignal – Push Notifications
  10. Wistia – Video Marketing

For more information regarding further explanations of their functions and the remaining 11 tools, click here.

Inbound Marketing Agency Pricing

Find out what inbound marketing will cost you with our packages below:

Our Inbound Marketing Packages

Our inbound digital marketing package includes:

  • Strategy and set up
  • 2-4 blog posts per month
  • 4-6 conversion offers per year
  • Basic or managed social media

Contact us for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss pricing for your brand’s specific needs.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing

HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform. Conversion Advantage will make your brand’s HubSpot portal the very best it can be. We provide content marketing, lead generation, marketing automation and inbound sales services.

For more info on our HubSpot Inbound Marketing services, click here.

Conversion Advantage can help your Business Grow with Inbound Digital Marketing 

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