The secret behind attracting customers to your site

Written by Karlyne Zovitsky

Attracting customers to your site

This leads me to my point of this whole article. A website without any visitors or traffic really has little or no value to your business. You can create the most beautiful, user friendly, trend-setting website the digital world has ever seen, but if it is not attracting customers to your site, it’s basically useless to the online world.

So the question is, how do you send the right, targeted group of visitors to your website? How do you get the ball rolling and introduce the hungry digital world to your premium brand? Well, it’s not rocket science, but it’s also not as easy as you think. It takes an analytical approach, a strategic mindset and a hub of creative ideas.

There are three basic advertising/marketing tactics we think could help you achieve exactly that.

Start off with good ol’ paid advertising

Firstly, creating a complexed, mind blowing online marketing campaign is not always the answer. That said, out of this world digital campaigns are always a winner, but that is besides the point. Sometimes, you have to take a step back and use online advertising tactics that have been here for a while and that has proven itself to work, like paid advertising.

Start off with creating highly targeted ads that appeal to your target audience. Find out what their interests are. What makes them tick and what will get them over the line. Look at using advertising platforms such as Google Search, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or a Google Display network. These platforms offer such great targeting capabilities like targeting according to age, gender, income, companies they work at, specific search keywords, job titles, online interests, devices they use, targeted cities or countries. How great is it that you can target users according to endless specifics and then send them to a site that contains exactly what they are searching for.

Okay, so if you went through all the trouble of getting traffic to your website, and your website visitors did not convert, don’t sulk in a corner. Go back and retarget those visitors. The online world has given us an opportunity to retarget visitors that did not sign up for your services or buy your products, with specific ads or banner ads. So create content and present those lost leads with enticing, interesting content they simply cannot resist.

Move on to the Queen B of the internet, SEO

So google and a lot of other search engines have created an internet handbook that basically states you have to work very hard if you want to be ahead in the visibility race. Unfortunately, and I am not going to lie, this race is never ending. You have to keep working hard and build your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) skills if you want to stay ahead. But I don’t want to scare you off, SEO can be fun as well.

The main goal of SEO is increasing your brand or website’s findability on search engines like Google and social platforms.

Start off with your keyword research. Find out what your target audience are searching for and optimise your website to pop up when they search for those specific terms. Now remember, this is just the basics of SEO. Search Engine Optimisation actually has four phases; keyword research and strategy, on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation and technical SEO. We’ll get into that another time.

If you are really feeling adventurous, you could promote and link back to your website through company social media pages like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. But that is also a whole other ball game that also offers endless opportunities.

Don’t be scared of a bit of content marketing

It’s no secret that social media has changed the face of digital marketing. We have been introduced to a world where consumers talk to each other about different brands or products they bought. Where they post reviews, testimonials and the deepest, darkest details of their personal life online. A world where consumers are lying in wait for new interesting online content they can sink their teeth into.

In steps content marketing. Tap into your creative powers and create engaging content that will break through the cluttered online content wall. If you create interesting content, consumers are most likely going to try and find the source of this content. That is when you send them to your website, and hook them with an offer they cannot resist. Once you have hooked a customer and made them a loyalist of your brand, the process starts all over again. It’s an endless loop of content creation and you should never stop creating.

Have a look at blogs, videos, eBooks, podcasts, social media marketing, whitepapers, online PR and e-newsletters as mediums, but also think outside the box. Look into User-Generated Content.

Do you feel inspired yet? Are you ready to send visitors to your website? The secret is to start simple. Build an online digital marketing strategy centred around getting traffic to your website and ultimately creating brand loyalty. Use the tools and platforms I mentioned, and you will be surprised by the positive results.

Note: This list excludes all the exciting, mind blowing, trend setting digital marketing tactics you can also use. If you’re looking for exactly that, have a look at our 10 digital marketing trends every Digital Marketer should know about in 2016 article.

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