5 Ways entrepreneurs can create a premium brand

Written by Karlyne Zovitsky

Create a premium brand

Premium means different things to different people, but it has one thing in common, quality; and quality is what gains consumers’ trust and ultimately pushes your premium brand above your competitors.

Your brand is the emotional, visual, even cultural image that gets associated with your business, service or product. It’s what the world sees and what they judge you on. And let’s face it, consumers are the harshest critics you will ever have. Now before you take off, pick up a pen or draw up any scamps, you need to establish the core values of your brand. What are your goals, your motivations and your mission? What makes your business work? Once you know that you should prioritise your ideas around that and create a brand that exactly reflects your values.

Okay, we have our values; now I am going touch on 5 tips to help you create a luxury, premium brand. I am not saying you can create a brand in a few minutes. It does take time, but we compiled a nifty list that will guide you through the whole process.

Choose two strong premium colours

A lot of the time colour gets overlooked, but it is crucial that you choose your colours very early on in the process. The colour of your brand is essential in creating a brand story. What emotion do you want your customers to experience when they look at your brand? What feelings do you want to evoke? Once you can answer those two questions, you will know which colours to choose. Just remember, be subjective to what you want. Don’t choose blue because it is your mother’s favourite colour. Choose colours that will speak to your target audience and make an impression on them.

Okay, so you might ask what a premium colour is. Play around with dark colours like black, ash grey, dark blue or dark brown. Bring in warm colours like gold, deep red or orange. Choose a combination that symbolises status and quality, but still reflects the core of your brand.

Choose a font that sets the mood of your brand

Fonts are sort of like the underdogs of design. Everyone sees them, but we don’t really realise the massive impact it has on your brand’s personality. When we create luxurious, premium brands for our clients we usually let the saying ‘simple is better’ guide us. If you look at brands like Rolls-Royce, Chanel and Gucci; they have shown their elegance and luxury through simplistic logos and clean, timeless fonts. It’s easy to read, and it exudes authority and style, exactly what you want your customers to see. Look at fonts like Helvetica, Avenir, Futura, Gill Sans, Garamond, vag rounded, Avant Garde, Minion, Rockwell etc.

Adopt an imagery inspired layout with large block photography and use high-quality imagery

Instagram has set the bar very high for imagery. People can now take a picture, slap a filter on it and share an exciting, beautiful and breathtaking picture with the digital world. That is exactly what your customers want to see. They want imagery that is visually stunning and that provokes an emotion.

A very cool trend at the moment, which is a great choice if you want to create a premium brand, is large block photography. If you think about it, a lot of luxury brands adopt this strategy like Louis Vuitton and Bentley. Use big, provoking images to sell your brand to your customers. Tell a visual story that takes them on a journey, and hopefully leads to a sale and brand loyalty. Just make sure you still have an easy-to-find navigation so that consumers can still navigate through your site.

We live in a visual world and what we see is what can make us decide immediately if we like a brand or not. Take advantage of that.

White space should be your best friend

Have you ever looked at an ad or a website that is so cluttered you have no idea where to look first? Well, I have. Immediately I shut down and I usually leave the site or close the ad. If you want to create a high-end brand, you need lots of white space. Give your fonts room to breathe. Give readers time to think. I for one am tired of seeing tons and tons of visuals that make my eyes hurt. Now I am not saying don’t use any visuals. You can still use images and have lots of open spaces.

Look at Dior, Ralph Lauren and Rolls Royce. They chose classic fonts and logos that have been working for years. And they do it well. Another awesome thing about white space is you can make whatever you are offering pop with colour or visuals.

Last but not least, communicate the one message you want your customers to remember you by

Pick the one benefit that sets you apart from your competitors, whether it be an offer, your experience or the quality of your brand. Take that one benefit and create your slogan. Be creative, but also stay true to the “less is more” principle. You want to wow consumers, but also explain what you do.

If we look at some famous slogans. They are all less than 7 words and offers a benefit.

For example:

  • Walmart ‘Save money, live better’
  • De Beers ‘A diamond is forever’
  • Levis ‘Quality never goes out of style’
  • VISA ‘It’s everywhere you want to be’

Now after reading this you might ask, but how do I know this works? What should make me want to follow these 5 steps? The answer is simple. We follow this exact method when we create brands for our clients and it has been successful. It’s a short list and I have only touched base on each tip, but it includes all the important stuff you should know.

Use the creative powers you were given and create a luxurious, high end brand that will make waves in the digital marketing industry.


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