2017 Digital Strategy workshop for Marketing Managers held in Paarl, Cape Town

Written by Karlyne Zovitsky

Digital Strategy Workshop

From small to mid-size and big businesses based in the Western Cape area attended the Digital Strategy workshop on Wednesday 26 July and Friday 28 July, while another workshop is scheduled for Friday 4 August at the Conversion Advantage offices in Paarl, and one in Sandown, Johannesburg on Friday 25 August.

“We are incredibly excited about presenting the research we’ve been working on for months. When you work in this industry, you need to understand the field you are playing in, and that’s why we are constantly doing research in the branding space,” says Botha, who founded Conversion Advantage in 2012.

The workshops include valuable insights into how to leverage digital strategies, tactics for website conversion, cutting-edge email send-out strategies, how to use reviews to build online brands, the top 5 online advertising strategies, and easy steps brands can implement immediately to improve their online presence.

Botha introduced the workshops with a passionate look into brands and what they are doing. “When we analyse what the ‘cool brands’ of the world – such as Nike and Superdry – are doing, we start to see patterns and thematic categories of the fields they are playing in, such as celebrity endorsements, humour, drama and so on. This gives us great insights into building our own brands and using these techniques to tell a brand’s story.”

The workshops give a sneak peek into what international brands are doing in the digital space, as well as to present an overview of the local brands that Conversion Advantage services. Attendees also have the option of signing up for a digital review of their brand that contains research findings of their current branding activity as well as their competitors’, which they get to take home after the workshop.

“There’s significant opportunity in South Africa to really leverage content marketing for our brands,” Dante says. He emphasises the importance of trying new things, testing and re-testing what works for your brand. “It’s important to test what works and to make changes accordingly,” he continues. “There’s no full-proof recipe of what works for every brand online.”

With the recent acquisition of significant local and international clients, Conversion Advantage has gone through a growth spurt and the subsequent hiring of new key employees, including a Head of SEO, Head of Digital Content and Client Service Manager.

To book for one of the upcoming 2017 Digital Strategy Workshops for Marketing Managers, email Wilme Fourie.

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