Why consumer trust is more important than ever

Written by Karlyne Zovitsky

Why Is Consumer Trust So Important?

In today’s world though, trust is not just something you hope for and praise the world for when you receive it. It takes work, it takes time and it takes a few tricks up your sleeve to get the consumer trust you want. Now take everything I just said and place it in a ‘consumer-brand-relationship’ context.

The trust between a consumer and a brand is just as important as any other relationship. When a brand is able to make a genuine, truthful connection with a consumer, then an incredible thing happens; it creates brand loyalty and this connection provides the basis of a consumer-brand relationship.

Build an emotional connection, listen to your consumer and deliver on whatever promises you make. But let me expand a bit more on how to build trust among a brand-consumer relationship.

Form a genuine connection with your consumers

The days of just advertising your products, business or services are over. Consumers don’t just want to see your ads or marketing tactics anymore, they want to be part of an experience. But don’t kid yourself if you think your consumer won’t see through a fake connection. Consumers are looking for values like authenticity and genuineness in a brand and they will not stop until they find it.

A great way to build an emotional connection is with relevant, engaging and entertaining content e.g. blogs, articles, social media, eBooks, apps etc. You can either build a connection through meaningful content, or you can add a bit of personality. If your business industry is a bit boring, you can still connect with your consumers. You might have to work a bit harder to find out what your consumers like, but once you figure it out, it makes it easier.

Never stop listening

So after you’ve build this connection with your consumers through various forms of content marketing, you have to provide them with an opportunity to voice their opinions and give their feedback. There are endless platforms to choose from such as social platforms, online reviews, forums etc.

But trust only steps in once you actually reply and take an action. Tell them that you have listened to their opinions, and that you are going to do something about it. When you actually listen to someone, you gain their trust and their respect.

And also, it gives you an opportunity to better your products or services.

Find common ground between conversions and customer relationships

Yes, conversions are super important, whether it be a product purchase, a site visit turning into a newsletter subscription or a sign up for services. But it should not overshadow relationships. Create content or something of value that will motivate your consumers to buy your product or provide you with an email address.

Unfortunately we are surrounded by so many ads, content and noise, that it makes it way more difficult to actually reach your audience. So, make sure you create content to form relationships, not conversions. The conversions will come if the content is actually engaging and honest.

Last but not least, don’t forget to deliver on your promises

Everything you do online is a promise. Every advertisement, every promotion, every deal, every new product or service you launch and even every content piece you put out, is a promise your brand is making to consumers.

As long as you deliver on those promises, I am sure that your customers or clients will engage with your brand. Just remember, the way you answer these promises and how you interact with your customers can result in two ways. Either you build a richer, relationship with your customers/clients, or you will lose a customer. We vote for the former, and not the latter. We suggest you cover every basis. Meet your customers’ expectations both offline and online and you will create the trust every brand-consumer relationship needs.

It is crucial for brands to understand that there are many other facets that contribute to a trusting relationship between a brand and a consumer. These four points I mentioned are just the basis of building trust. You as a brand must continuously work on forming relationships with your customers or clients.

But first you need to create a premium brand that customers can relate to and that will wow the digital world. Have a look at our 5 ways how entrepreneurs can create a premium brand article.

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