See How PTB Used Pets Training And Boarding Digital Marketing To Increase Their Organic Traffic By 73.12%

Find out how Pets Training and Boarding Digital Marketing increased PTB’s organic traffic and lead generation through SEO.


    Over 35 years of dog training experience

    Pets Training & Boarding is an Australian pet care company based in Sydney. Because they understand how important the welfare of your canine or feline friend is to you, they offer only the best: expert training, organic food, luxurious grooming and stunning pet boarding facilities. However, they wanted to reach a wider audience organically and generate more leads.


    Not generating enough organic traffic or leads

    Pets Training and Boarding was struggling to reach consumers organically in an extremely competitive industry. Due to the lack of organic traffic, they were not generating enough leads.


    Optimise the website for search engines

    Mass meta data for all their blog posts and service landing pages were optimised by adding clear call-to-actions (CTAs).


    Increase in organic traffic and lead generation

    Pets Training and Boarding’s website’s overall ranking on Google increased for several keywords and search queries. The organic traffic increased by 73.12% which lead to a 122.75% increase in leads from the organic channel.

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