See How PIA Used Insurance Digital Marketing To Increase Sales By 200%

Read the remarkable story of how insurance digital marketing grew one of Australia’s top pet insurance companies.


    Family owned pet insurance provider with big dreams

    PIA was launched in 2008. Since then they’ve seen concerned expressions about financial worries disappear and relieved smiles appear, witnessing first-hand how beneficial pet insurance could be. They wanted to introduce pet insurance services to a wider audience in Australia to reach their goal: doubling sales in order to compete with big pet insurance brands.


    Significantly smaller advertising budget than large corporate companies

    When PIA launched, they had approximately 15 major Australian competitors in the pet insurance game. However, this number increased to 23 competitors. These were large and established brands with multimillion-dollar advertising budgets.


    Digital-first approach to outperform the competition online

    PIA didn’t have the budget to compete with big corporate companies’ offline advertising budget.


    300% increase in sales

    PIA’s sales doubled after our digital marketing strategy was implemented. Today, PIA is one of the leading pet insurance providers in Australia; and they keep growing from strength to strength. They have a strong online presence and continue to build on a digital first approach and digital marketing strategy.

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