See How Shamwari Used Hotel Digital Marketing To Increase Bookings By 20%

Find out how Shamwari used hotel digital marketing to cut the cost of commission and increase their direct bookings.


    Luxury safari destination wants to grow direct online bookings

    Shamwari Game Reserve is a premier safari and holiday destination in South Africa’s ecologically and culturally significant Eastern Cape Province. Commission of online booking agencies could be up to 70% while travel operators charge 25-30%. Therefore, Shamwari wanted to increase direct bookings to cut commission costs.


    Reliable travel operators were delivering less bookings

    Challenging economic times had a major effect on the luxury accommodation market. Therefore, luxury accommodation providers, such as Shamwari, had to find innovative ways to increase bookings to avoid losing their market share.


    New website backed by a comprehensive digital marketing strategy

    Shamwari’s cutting edge website gave site visitors a convenient way to experience Shamwari as a brand and make a direct booking. The site was further optimised to generate leads through PPC ads and SEO, which lead to an increase in site traffic.


    Paying less commission with a large increase in sales

    Shamwari is placed in a strong position. They now know how to market themselves online and are less reliant on travel operators. This led to a 20% increase in direct bookings, and less money spent on paying commission on indirect bookings. It also allowed them to reach an international audience. Within 6 months, Shamwari transformed themselves into leaders in digital marketing within the luxury accommodation category.

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