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      Moonstone Business School of Excellence (MBSE) was established in 2015 after the acquisition of PSG Academy by the Moonstone group. With their rare insight into, and understanding of, the challenges modern financial planners and advisors face, MBSE was able to help them prepare to engage successfully in the marketplace. With that offering, MBSE wanted to attract more students and generate more leads.


      Inconsistency in leads due to seasonal trends

      MBSE has various online qualifications and short courses available. The performance of the Google AdWords account was very cyclical due to the nature of the business and the seasonal application dates/ semesters. We had to figure out a way to consistently generate leads throughout the year.


      Effective remarketing campaign

      We created a remarketing campaign to stabilise the performance during the year. The audience lists were set up in Google Analytics and linked to Google Ads. This allowed us to create very specific and definable segments to retarget.

      Since the campaign’s activation, it has outperformed every other campaign. Where there were clear dips in the performance of the account, the remarketing campaign made up for them.


      Remarketing increases leads by 31.04%

      Over a twelve-month period, the remarketing campaign increased the overall paid search leads by 31.04% and it continues to grow.

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