See How NissanEC Used Automotive Digital Marketing To Increase New Car Sales By 30%

We started the journey in 2015, and it was a massive mind shift from the traditional cookie-cutter approach of the web development companies in our industry to a comprehensive digital marketing approach. It has made a phenomenal change to our business and has made us a consideration to potential customers on a national level, and this out of the Eastern Cape. For us, Conversion Advantage’s approach has been fresh and uncomplicated. It is easy doing business with Nice People.

Johan Londt, Nissan NEC Dealership Principal


    Dynamic car dealership needs to increase car sales

    NEC is a leading car dealership in the PE-area. However, in order to increase car sales, they had to look beyond PE. As national TV campaigns were out of budget, they had to think of out of the box ways to enter new markets and find new ways to increase car sales.


    Limited advertising budget to market nationally

    In the past NEC used traditional marketing, such as TV, radio, and newspaper ads. While these marketing channels provided a decent amount of exposure, they needed to extend their footprint to where car buyers spend their time; online.


    New website backed by a comprehensive automotive digital marketing strategy

    The lead generating automotive digital marketing strategy that was created for NEC, allowed them to sell nationally and play to their strengths. NEC’s cutting-edge website portrayed the brand as a market leader. All marketing activities on the website were tracked to measure return on investment to ensure smart management and positive ROI as far as possible. This allowed NEC to grow their market shares outside of the Eastern Cape.


    40% of sales are outside of the Eastern Cape

    NEC’s sales increased by 30%, while 40% of those sales were outside of the Eastern Cape. NEC became a force to be reckoned with given their ability to remit sales from local to national through cutting edge digital marketing practices.

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