How we got started

Leading marketing strategist Dante Botha started Conversion Advantage in 2012 with the vision to grow this independent digital marketing agency into one of the leading agencies across the globe. During his time at top marketing agencies, Universal McCann and Sapient Nitro in Australia, he worked with many of the world’s leading brands, including Microsoft, Sony Pictures, Unilever, Ferrero Rocher, L’Oreal, Toyota, Interflora, Grey Goose, Lego and Lindt. To date, Conversion Advantage has serviced a long list of clients in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and Mauritius.

Since then we have tripled in size, built up a portfolio of global clients and grown into an international Digital Marketing Agency. We’ve produced amazing work we are very proud of, and delivered proven results for all our clients.
Our values
Our values guide us through everything we do

Quality Driven

Quality is our main focus. We have dedicated Quality Control specialists that check every piece of client work in the agency. They’ve been dubbed ‘eagle eyes’, as nothing gets past them.

Good Client Service

We make a point of always going the extra mile. With a same day business response rule and a dedicated team behind you, we’ll make sure we’re not just a name at the other end of the line.

Always Learning

As a team of Digital Specialists, continuous learning is an integral part of our ethos. Constantly keeping up with the latest digital developments ensures that our clients only receive the best work.

Passion for what we do

We genuinely love what we do! Being passionate creates a happy and innovative work environment that reflects back on client work. We don’t just hire anyone, we hire for passion and skill.

Digital is our thing

We are a 100% pure digital marketing agency that focuses entirely on improving the performance of your brand with the latest technological expertise.

Old-school work ethic

Conversion Advantage employees have a habit of working until the job is done and everyone is happy. If that means putting in extra hours, the lights come on, so be it. We’ll burn the midnight oil.

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